Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Live~

Wow. I'm SUCH a fail. I haven't posted in forever. I forgot I had this stupid thing.

Time has been flying. It's been fun, though. Did everyone miss me?

I really am sorry though.

Ohy. I'll work on that.

Happy Holidays! We're alive in 2012! That's awesome news, right?

I got anew ipod touch for Christmas. I has a happeh 8D

Friday, August 19, 2011

Right. Blog. I has one

I totally did not forget about this thing for a while. Nope. Not at all.

Heh. Sorry for the long wait, guys.

Nothing horribly exciting has happened though! Well, I did get my driver's permit and a ds lite. And Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky.

Been reading blogs, although video games have prevented an archive binge. Sad Face, right? Oh well. Time to play more pokemanz.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Okay, So I lied a little

I am VERY into the Slender Mythos. Can't help myself. It's a horror story about a faceless fairy.

Besides, it was only fair. I got my friend into Red Vs. Blue[the series that has a lot to do with my weird thing for Greek Letters], so it's only fair she make me love the tall and Slender man.


Hiya Teach, Blanche, and Quetzal. Thank you for making me feel oh so special.

That's all for now~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A New Blog

Why the heck am I doing this to myself?

Oh, that's right,  want to comment on Quetzel's and Blanche's[two people I've been blog stalking] blog's.

Let's see, what should you guys know about me?

I'm into mythology. I love Greek myths, especially. I also am kinda into the Slender mythos. Nothing huge, but you gotta love EMH and MH and TribeTwelve. *Hero Worship? Naaaaaaah* I also enjoy spending unhealthy amounts of time role playing, writing, and playing xbox, even though I only have portal 2 and Lego POTC. I also love to read, so brace yourself for book reviews! Oh, and I draw, so pictures are mre than likely iminent.

Let's see, what else should you guys know about me?

I curse, a lot. Get used to it now. And I'm going through a TON of drama in my house right now. So yeah, loads of fun.

Oh, and Steak and Mashed Potatoes? Breakfast of Champions.